Colleges That Have Attended

Coaches That Have Attended

We know an easy strategy is to look at a list of attending schools and contact every coach to let them know you will be playing in this event. Historically, we have brought in hundreds of college coaches to recruit. Experience shows us that the most successful results come from your daughter/player creating her own list by realistically narrowing down schools that may be a good fit for her and then contacting them directly (i.e. email) expressing an interest in their program and school and which event your daughter/player will be participating in.College Coaches will make an effort to respond to and see players who invite them, rather than receiving thousands of emails from all the participants in the event.In many cases, College Coaches have requested not to be listed for that reason. We, as Tournament Directors, invite the College Coaches to attend. We arrange discounted hotel rooms for them and feed them complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the entire weekend. We print player profile notebooks and shuttle them from field to field and offer golf cart service within each park. Working together, we can ensure the Colleges will attend.
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College Conferences That Have Attended