3 Up 3 Down Tournament Rules

Official Tournament Rules

3 UP 3 Down Rules

·Game times will be 2 hours or 7 innings

·Teams tied @ the 2 hour or 7 inning mark will use the ITB rules.

·Only two tie breaker innings will be played during round robin play. Round robin play can end in a tie.

·Championship games must end in a winner.

·Line up cards will be turned into the tournament desk with the score card after every game.

·Teams may bat up to 11 players

·Courtesy runner may be used at any time with any roster substitute

·There will be unlimited defensive substitutions

·All batting order changes will follow ASA substitution rules

·Order of finish determination is as follows:

  • Head to head
  • Runs scored
  • Runs allowed
  • Coin toss

This will determine seating in the case of a tie