Rising Stars Tournament Rules

Official Tournament Rules

1. Seven innings or drop dead at two hours

2. Games may end in a tie

3. To determine a winner at the two hour drop dead time; game result will be established by reverting back to the last completed inning.

4. Bracket winner will be determined as follows. (A) Team record

5. If teams have the same overall record the tie breaker to determine the winner is as follows.

(A) Head to Head; (B) Runs Allowed; (C) Runs scored; (D) Coin Toss

6. All teams must report their scores to the tournament desk at the park you are competing at

7. If teams do not report their game scores by the end of each day the game will be scored as a 7 to 7 tie.

8. No Run Rules

Playing Rules

1. No lineups need to be handed in

2. Free defensive substitution.

3. Curtesy runners may be anyone and be used for any player.