Winter H.I.T.S (Jan 4-6 2019)


Winter H.I.T.S (Jan 4-6 2019)
Hits in the Sun Tournament
14U, 16U, 18U

  • MORE value for your team
  • Playing in the most convenient tournament in the Nation.
  • Airport, Hotels and Fields are all within a few miles
  • Limited number of Teams to ensure Teams can rotate to all of the complexes.
  • We feed the College Coaches complimentary Gourmet meals throughout the Event.
  • NO gate fee
  • All skinned ball fields with lights
  • Two Umpires per game
  • 2 hour game times /  7 inning games 
  • Play to win your Bracket and get awarded Championship   T-Shirts
  • Entry fee - $1,200


Registration is coming soon


Schedules will be posted here, check back for more information

Official Tournament Rules

1. Time limit is 2 hour or seven innings finish the inning.
2. No run riles unless both teams agree to stop play
3. Pinch runner for anyone any time with anyone.
4. No lineups need to be turned in.
5. Free defensive and offensive substitutions
6. Games can end in a tie.
7. No protests
8. No illegal pitches inform the coach
9. Flip for home team.
10. ASA rules apply except for the above.

Coaches Needing Players

Coaches who need to pick-up players, click here